CPD Event Approval

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is how doctors update, develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and attitudes throughout their working lives. Education providers, hospitals and other organisations can organise professional development events, meetings and activities and apply in order to secure formal CPD accreditation for their activity.  There are different numbers of CPD points awarded depending on the type of activity and level of learning involved.

Doctors need to acquire both ‘external’ and ‘internal’ credits  which are allocated for different types of learning activities.  External CPD is the category doctors use for educational activities that take place usually outside their normal working environment. The ‘internal’ CPD category may be awarded to many types of activities with a learning dimension that take place at work. It is not necessary for a hospital or department to apply for recognition of internal credits. The organiser must maintain a record about the activity or meeting, for which internal credits can be claimed,  and to keep a log of those who attended. Event organisers can apply to the College for CPD approval  for their learning event under the “External” CPD category, so that those attended are allocated ‘external’ credits. Please note that professional development activities that take place outside of Ireland, may also count towards ‘external’ credits. However a certificate of attendance with identified awarding body for professional competence needs to be retained.

Courses or events are only considered for CME accreditation, if the teaching faculty includes doctors on the Specialist Register for Anaesthesia of the Medical Council of Ireland. If there is only one such person amongst the faculty, the application must be made by that individual.  They need to confirm that they are familiar with the proposed educational content of the learning event. Download the Application Form To apply send completed application forms including supporting documentation by email at least 30 days in advance of the date of event to the PCS Administration Team at +353 1265 0600 or

You must apply each year for CPD points for annual events, even if they’ve been approved for CPD points in the past, as the content, hours and faculty may have changed. Event organisers should not specify the number of credits approved on printed or other published material until formal confirmation of CPD points for event has been issued by the College. Confirmation of CPD points will be issued in writing to the event organisers. The event organiser must provide a certificate of attendance to each delegate which must include a reference the specific Domains of Professional Practice covered in the event. (A template for this is included on page one of the template (pdf)). At the end of an event each attendee must receive a certificate showing that they attended the event. The certificates should only be distributed at the end of the event. If the event lasts for more than one day then a certificate of attendance needs to be provided to delegates at the end of each day,  evidencing the CPD points approved for that day only. The delegates name should appear on the certificate. The delegate must keep certificate of attendance for a period of five years as proof of their participation.

The College accepts that events sometime require the support of industry.  They rely on the good judgement of the event organisers to ensure that there is sponsorship versus promotion of industry supporter.  Please read and apply our guidelines on Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sponsorship. Download the Sponsorship Guidelines

A fee of €1500 applies to commercial organisations seeking PCS accreditation for their course or activity. For PCS accreditation of such events, please submit your application along with the required fee.

Professional Competence Contact: PCS Administration Team, on +353 1265 0600 or email