Intensive Care Medicine

The Fellowship examination of the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland (FJFICMI) composes of two parts: a written examination and clinical/SOE examinations, both of which cover the theory and practical aspects of modern intensive care medicine. The examination is based on the syllabus as set out in the competencies, teaching opportunities and training assessments in intensive care medicine. In order to be invited to the clinical examination, the candidate must pass the written examination.

Key Dates

Trial Exam Date Exam Venue
11th April 2024   Trial FJFICMI SBA Paper 1 Online
11th April 2024   Trial FJFICMI SAQ Paper 2 Online

Fellowship of the Joint Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine of Ireland

Application Opening Date Application Closing Date Exam Date Venue
8th Jan 2024 12th Feb 2024 18th April 2024 Online  (Written)
29th  April 2024 13th May 2024 30th May 2024 Dublin, Ireland (Clinical)


Apply for Examination

Step 1:

Check if you are eligible to sit exam. You must:

  • Have completed the appropriate amount of training dependent on their base speciality area.
  • Be registered as a trainee with the JFICMI.
  • Have submitted an appropriate application to the JFICMI (See links to exam regulations and application form below.
  • Have paid the appropriate fee.

Examination Regulations

Step 2:

Download JFICMI registration form.

Step 3:

The Kaizen on-line platform ITAs are utilised to cross check modular completion and eligibility. From 2022 the exam application form will no longer require a department head sign-off. Where a module does not have an ITA, it will not be considered as an eligible module.

Download the JFICMI Written exam application or Download the JFICMI Clinical exam application


Prepare for Examination

In all, there are six sections to the exam:

  • MCQ 90 mins
  • SAQ 90 mins (short answer questions x 8)
  • Clinic – 2 major, 30 minutes each
  • Viva 1 (ECGs, X rays, Labs, Traces) 20 mins
  • Viva 2 (Intensive Care Medicine) 20 mins

For more info download the Structure of the FJFICMI (pdf)

Preparation Course – dates TBC The FJFICMI three day long preparation course is held across a number of Dublin teaching hospitals, it is designed for those eligible and intending to sit the Fellowship examination this year. Course Date: TBC  Course Venue: TBC  Course Fee: €400.00 Course Application: Download course application form Key Contact:

Reading Materials General Books Oh’s Intensive Care Manual Evidence Based Practice of Critical Care, Pat Neligan Handbook of ICU Therapy, Ian McConachie MCQs Books Critical Care MCQs, a companion for Intensive Care exams, Steven Lobaz MCQs in Intensive Care Medicine, Steve Benington Websites  (Please note that you need to obtain a password from a Dexdor (Orion) representative.)    (Please note that you need need to be an ESICM member to access all.)

Examinations Contact: For more information please see  or contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to bring your photo ID and invitation letter to both components of the exam. For the written component you will need to bring pens for the SAQ paper. Pencils will be provided for the MCQ section. You do not need to bring any equipment to the Clinical exam.

No. There is no electronic equipment allowed.

The allocations are published on the website with the successful exam numbers from the written exam.

There is no dresscode for written exams. For the Clinical exam you will need to dress in an appropriate manner for an Intensive Care Unit. For the oral component you will be expected to dress in a professional manner. (Business attire)