Candiate Withdrawals


In exceptional circumstances a deferral request may be granted, if there is a serious medical condition that prevents the candidate sitting the examination and the request reaches the Exams Office no later than 2 weeks prior to the first date of the exam.  Deferral requests received after that date will not be entertained.

Deferral requests due to visa difficulties and/or postal delays will not be entertained.

Deferral requests must be addressed to the Examinations Office, and must enclose supporting documentation and the administrative fee.  A request will be rejected in the absence of the administrative fee or supporting documentation, otherwise the request will be tabled for the next meeting of the Examinations Committee.

If the deferral request is granted, the administrative fee will be processed and the candidate will immediately be withdrawn from the current exam, deferred to the next exam, and notified by telephone and/or email within 3 working days.  The candidate will then incur a further charge if there is an exam fee increase in the next exam. If the deferral request is not granted, the administrative fee will be returned and the candidate will be given the option of remaining on the current exam in order to attempt it, or withdrawing from the current exam.  The Exams Office will seek the candidate’s decision immediately.


A withdrawal request submitted to the Examinations Office before the closing date of applications is entitled to a refund of the exam fee, minus an administrative charge, which is automatically deducted from the refund.

A withdrawal request submitted after the closing date of applications is not entitled to any refund.

Administrative Charges

The standard administrative charge that applies to all withdrawals and to successful deferrals is €130.

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