The Annual Congress of Anaesthesiology 2023

E-poster Presentations

The college are delighted to showcase  a selection of Eposters as part of our Annual Congress 2023. We would like to thank all of those  who submitted for their hard work and dedication to making this year’s event possible.


Muhammed Hassan Tahir Khan

ADAMGel: A Viable Alternative to Silicone-Based Skin for Emergency Front of Neck Access

Christopher Read

Undiagnosed acquired tracheo-oesophageal fistula: a ventilatory challenge

Joseph McGeary

Applying trainee feedback for quality improvement in emergency front of neck access education

Aisling Hickey

Breaking Bad Habits. Changing Practice of Endotracheal Tube Cuff, Inflation after the Covid Pandemic

Shauna Gallen

Installing standardised Difficult Airway Trolleys (DAT) as per Difficult Airway Society (DAS) A-D plan in multiple clinical areas at University Hospital Waterford. A quality improvement project

Sophie Shinnors

Introduction of nurse-led extubation in a tertiary centre.

Shaheer Riaz Mir

Tubeless Microlaryngoscpic ENT procedures using High flow nasal oxygenation-A case series presentation.

Nada Sarwani

A Survey on the use and practice of Videolaryngoscopy at St. James’s Hospital.


Jakobus Kruger

Compliance of Wexford General Hospital ED doctors to national guidelines regarding opioid prescribing on discharge.

Binoy Issac

PCA Remifentanil Labour Analgesia-Audit.

Eoghan Farrell

Audit of Paediatric Admissions to an Adult KU.

Sandra Chiaka Amasike

WHY? An audit of Antimicrobial Prescriptions among Critically III Patients in a Model 3 Hospital.

Maab Ali

Postoperative fasting times.

Sarah Walsh

Peri-operative Antibiotic Prophylaxis: audit of compliance with guidelines on the Mater electronic app.

Muhammed Elhady & Muhammed Elgasim

University Hospital Waterford (UHW) Anaesthesia Department’s Preparedness for Managing Anaesthetic Crises: A Quality Improvement Project.

Aoife Leonard

Perioperative Neuromuscular Blockade Monitoring and Reversal: Opinions and Clinical Practice.

Hannah Barr

Audit of peri-operative administration, monitoring and reversal of non-depolansing neuromuscular blocking agents.


Mairead Hennessy

Anaesthetic management of adults with congenital heart disease presenting for non-cardiac surgery.

Christi Brady

The Role of Transoesophageal ECHO (TOE) in Non Cardiac Surgery: A Case Report.

Eanna O’Sullivan

A Rare Cause of Pericardial Tamponade.

Mairead Hennessy

Not just a wheeze!

Matthew Brohan

Conscientious objection to providing care to Jehovah’s Witnesses: A survey of attitudes among Irish cardiac anaesthesiologists.

Alison Deasy

Enhancing perioperative antimicrobial stewardship amongst cardiothoracic patients in a large tertiary referral centre- a Quality Improvement Project.

Case Reports

Chris Yen Chen Lo

Post operative acute pancreatitis (POAP) after total knee replacement – case report.

Kevin Sheehan

Type 2 Group A Streptococcus Necrotising Fasciitis In The Healthy Patient.

Jenny Kennedy

Anaesthetic Considerations for Friedreich’s Ataxia: A Case Report.

Syed Hussain Danial

Utilizing Point-of-Care Ultrasound to Prevent Aspiration in a Patient with Intragastric Balloon: A Case Report.

Hannah Barr

Case Report – Delayed Presentation of Cerebral Fat Embolism in the ICU.

Sophie Shinnors

Closing the rings on bronchospasm vs negative pressure pulmonary oedema: a case report.

Sarah Gaffney

Acute Myasthenia Crisis Post Thymectomy – A Case Report

Roisin McCarthy

A Rare Paediatric Presentation of Invasive Group A Streptococcus Infection

Thomas McGimsey

Harlequin Syndrome: A Rare Complication of Labour Epidural.

Tawassol Mohammed

Case report: Obstructed Hiatus Hernia secondary to severe eating disorder.


Jakobus Kruger

Compliance of Wexford General Hospital ED doctors to national guidelines regarding opioid prescribing on discharge.

Shane O’Keeffe

Nitrous Oxide Sedation for Endoscopy in Irish Hospitals.

Kim O’Brien

An Audit Investigating Energy Consumption and Waste Generation in Cork University Hospital.

Lauren Hughes

Taking on Safety in Total Intravenous Anaesthesia.

Caroline Brogan

Taking on Training in TIVA: is it goog enough?

Cian Anderson

Cost Evaluation; TIVA vs Inhalational Anaesthesia to induce and maintain general anaesthesia in patients undergoing spinal surgery.

Intensive Care

David M.-Hannon

Utility of outcome of initial session of prone positioning in predicting risk of death in patients with ARDS: A Gaussian Naive Bayes algorithm analysis.

John O’Shea

The Impact of the ICU ‘OnePager’ on Trainee Satisfaction with the July Changeover.

Elne Noppe

Learning from the Long Term Critical Care Patient: A Person Centered Approach.

Meghan Carto

Learning from the Long Term Critical Care Patient: A Person Centered Approach.

Meghan Carton

Review of Critical Care Referrals in Sligo University Hospital.


Reducing patient identification errors in the ICU setting.

Aoibhin McCool

University Hospital Limerick Referrals of Acute Respiratory Failure cases for Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) at the Mater Hospital Dublin (2020-2022).

Jonathan O’Brien

Transfusion Appropriateness in a Tertiary Level Intensive Care Unit – a Practice Audit.

Adina Nesa

No difference in 6-month functional outcome between early and late decompressive craniectomies following acute ischaemic stroke: A single centre retrospective cohort study.

Sophia Angelov

Covid-19 ICU Survivors; A Review of Functional Status & Long Term Respiratory Symptoms.


Mathew Lyons

Improving the experience of birth partners in obstetric theatre.

Osman Mohammad

A prospective audit of the effect of a ‘Sip ’til Send’ fasting policy on patient reported and haemodynamic variables at elective caesarean delivery.

Shane Power

Auditing Fasting Times and Establishing New Fluid Fasting Guidelines in The Coombe Hospital: ‘Sip Til Send’.

Orla Murray

A preliminary audit of perioperative information provision in an obstetric population presenting for elective caesarean section.

Myles Flitcroft

Empowering patients in safer obstetric anaesthesia care using a Regional Anaesthesia Alert Bracelet.

Darren McMahon

An Audit of Fasting Guidelines and Patient Experience around Elective Caesarean Section.

Thomas McGimsey

Two Year Audit of General Anaesthesia and Grading of Ugency for Caesarean Section.

Shaheer Riaz Mir

Compliance with Enhanced recovery protocol post caesarean sections in UHW – A Snapshot audit.


David Hannon

An automatic drug dosage calculator to improve safety in paediatric anaesthesia.

Joseph McGeary

Airway management following traumatic facial injury in a paediatric patient.

Anna Impiumi

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit Prescribing Audit.

Syed Hussain Danial

PONV and Pain in paediatric patients undergoing day case Strabismus surgery causing unplanned admission to CHI Crumlin – A retrospective study.

Michael O’Sullivan

Nitrous oxide use in anaesthesia in a tertiary paediatric hospital.

Niall Tierney

Analgesia for Complex Anorectal Reconstruction.

Damian Kerrigan

Audit of Patient Blood management in elective Paediatric Surgery.

Kirsten Joyce

Use of Isoflurane and Neurally-Adjusted Ventilatory Assist in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Case Report


John Bourke

Preoperative Anaesthetic Clinic (PAC) structure and process improvements – Impact on activity.

Michael McCrohan

Pre-operative medication guidance & adherence.

Vidushi Sharma

In elderly surgical patients, do multiple anaesthetics over the past 10 years increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Aoife Booth

An Audit of the Prevalence of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Patients Presenting to the Pre-operative Assessment Clinic.

Isabel Dwyer

An Audit of the Use of a Referral Pathway to Rationalise the Referral process for Pre-operative Echocardiography.

Marc Lincoln

Sort it out.

Regional Anaesthesia

Jill Cremin

Block Bay Service Review for Day-of-the-Week Demands.

Albert Hanekom

General vs Regional Anaesthesia in Upper Limb Orthopaedic Day Surgery.

Christopher Read

Audit: Regional and general anaesthesia for distal upper limb orthopaedic surgery.

Colleen Harnett

REBLOCK IT! A QI Initiative to increase block administration for neck of femur fractures.

Ola L. Nordrum

Unblocking the implementation of Regional Anaesthesia: Obstacles and Solutions.

Tarek Abdelmaksoud

“We Like Our Ribs Well Done”. A QIP to Reform Pain Management for Patients With Fractured Ribs in University Hospital Waterford.

Technology Monitoring

Emer Scanlon

A Review of the Knowledge of and Adherence to the 2012 Aagbi Machine Check Safety Guidelines Amongst Trainees in University Hospital Limerick.

Moustafa Moustafa

Correct Arterial Line Labelling as a Safety measure at Beaumont Hospital ICUs.

Patricija Ecimovic

Analgesic effect of Propofol infusion in laparoscopic major gynaecological surgery.

Myles Flitcroft

Improving Trainee Anaesthesiologists’ Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Vascular Access Skills Utilising a Low-Cost High Fidelity Phantom Trainer.

Lauren Hughes

The Trainee Perspective: Workplace-Based Assessments.

Muhammed Elhady & Muhammed Elgasim

In Situ Simulation in the Anaesthetic and Critical Care Department (UHW) a Quality improvement project.

Shashikant Swami

Contact dermatitis associated with the Bi-spectral index Quarto covidien sensor A Case Report.