We are still open for business

The COVID-19 Adaptation Framework is structured to provide guidance and support for further and higher education institutions and providers as they continue to adapt to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19, by changes to public health advice, to enable collaboration and to ensure that changes are consistent and in step with each other. Individual sectors, institutions and providers will develop their own guidelines and protocols as appropriate for the implementation of the framework.
We continue to be agile and responsive to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19. The majority of our CPD events have moved “online” and we plan to continue with this hybrid model for 2021.
Our SAT interviews for 2021 will take place on 29th January 2021 using our digital studio technology. We are committed to delivering all of our examinations in line with expectations, our training site accreditation visits and end of year reviews for all trainees will continue to take place as expected. We have taken the difficult decision to postpone the simulation courses that we had planned for the January 2021 but we are committed and have government support to continue to provide  essential mandatory training . We will keep this under continuous review.
While the building may be closed, the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland emphatically remains open for business and the core focus of our work remains supporting our fellows and trainees through this incredibly challenging period. Our main telephone line at reception will continue to be monitored.
The best way to contact staff is by email.