The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland is dedicated to educating and training current and future generations of doctors to have the skills to provide patients with the best possible care. We are expanding our team and are now recruiting for a Senior Administrator in our Training Department. We drive change, we improve patient safety and standards of care. SEE FULL JOB DESCRIPTION HERE  If you are the right person or you know someone perfect for the role we would love to hear from you! Please send your application with a cover letter to 

The HSE have issued a safety critical national patient safety alert for action by everyone using Olympus High Flow Insufflation Unit UHI-4. UHI – 4 is used to facilitate laparoscopic and endoscopic observation, diagnosis, and treatment. It is used to insufflate the abdominal cavity and colon and provides automatic suction and smoke evacuation. What is the issue? This alert highlights a field safety notice that the medical device company Olympus has issued after it became aware of patients experiencing complications from over insufflation where UHI-4s were used, including arrythmias, gas embolism and

The recently published history of anaesthesia in Ireland entitled “Safety as We Watch” has been awarded the David M Little Prize by the Anesthesia History Association. This highly prestigious award is made to the best book in English on anaesthesia history each year. The authors Drs Declan Warde, Joseph Tracey and John Cahill expressed delight on learning of the award. The book provides a comprehensive account of the discipline of anaesthesia in Ireland from the first administration by John MacDonnell in 1847 until the establishment of the College of Anaesthetists

  The College is pleased to advise the opening for the call for applications for the Aspire Post CSCST Fellowship programme starting in July 2024.   The HSE NDTP Aspire (Post CSCST) Fellowship awards have resulted from the collaborative efforts of HSE’s Acute Hospitals’ Division, Mental Health Division, National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) and the Forum of Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies in Ireland. The Fellowships are funded by HSE NDTP and they are recognised and managed through the CAI. The CAI have approved one Aspire Fellowship post which is open to applicants who will

The pass-list of successful candidates is as follows: 102610 105959 106482 107438 108825 103693 105961 106636 107561 108827 104123 106142 106701 107635 108840 105490 106388 106925 107885 108870 105526 106445 106961 107984 108874 105920 106469 107175 108265 108878 105955 106474 107295 108824 108887

If healthcare was a country it would be the world’s fifth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Global healthcare’s annual climate footprint is estimated to be two billion tons of carbon dioxide – the same weight as 20,000 fully loaded-aircraft carriers!  Healthcare providers are increasingly realising that they are very significant contributors to the global climate and biodiversity crisis. Driven by a desire to re-configure healthcare to a more sustainable model, the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland was the first medical specialty training body in Ireland to form a sustainability committee. It

The HSE is committed to supporting Ukrainian health professionals to gain employment in healthcare in Ireland, and has a portal open where they can register their interest in working in the Irish public health service. Recognising the need to have a minimum IELTS or OETS score, as proof of English language proficiency in order to register with the relevant professional regulator, which is a requirement for a health professional to practice in the Irish public health service; the Department of Health is funding clinical English language training to support Ukrainian health