Supports for Ukrainian healthcare workers and programme refugees in Ireland

The HSE is committed to supporting Ukrainian health professionals to gain employment in healthcare in Ireland, and has a portal open where they can register their interest in working in the Irish public health service.

Recognising the need to have a minimum IELTS or OETS score, as proof of English language proficiency in order to register with the relevant professional regulator, which is a requirement for a health professional to practice in the Irish public health service; the Department of Health is funding clinical English language training to support Ukrainian health professionals in achieving these English language requirements.

In this context, a website has been established,, which provides information on the minimum English language proficiency levels required, the training available, and how to apply. We are currently only inviting applications from those health professionals who are highly likely to achieve professional registration with relevant professional regulator. Applicants will need to provide a letter or email from regulator stating that their application has been checked and English language training is the final requirement for their registration.

The Irish Health Service’s national online learning and development portal,; which supports learning and development for health and social care staff and is now also available to all Ukrainian healthcare workers who can and register on the portal by following this link: . A guide on how to register is also available here.

With respect to funding for medical exams information is not currently available and will be updated as this pathway is established.

However, for those health professionals who have already achieved your IELTS/OETS, the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland  is providing temporary administrative support for this language initiative and there is further information available on to assist.

Certain required medical education credentials must be verified through EPIC prior to submitting any applications being submitted to the Medical Council. We recommend anyone wishing to register to start the medical education verification process now and have this completed as soon as possible so that when medical exams are available they are in the best position to progress your Medical Council application.

Further information is available on the Medical Council’s website regarding registration;