Monday, 6th February 2012- Friday, 10th February 2012 Venue: CAI, Merrion Square   Course Content:          Practice SOE: Clinical Case SOE, SOE I and SOE II, SAQ, Essay Questions                                                                         Update Topics: Pain, Paediatric and Neonatal Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia, Obstetric Anaesthesia, Trauma, Cardiac Anaesthesia,  Critical Care Medicine, Anaesthesia for Burns Surgery.   Revision Topics: Anatomy, Radiology, Clinical Measurement,   ECG and Echo interpretation.   To book a place on this course please complete the application form below and foward to    

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Program Details College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland Framework for Engagement in Professional Development Activity For NCHDs   Participants can accrue credits in the three principal domains of clinical practice i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes and behaviour. Table1 outlines the categories of activities and the Domains of Good Professional Practice -1 – Patient Safety & Quality of Patient Care, 2 – Relating to Patients, 3 – Communication & Interpersonal Skills, 4 – Collaboration & Teamwork, 5 – Management, 6 – Scholarship, 7 – Professionalism, 8 – Clinical Skills  -that activities

E-Portfolio   There are parts of this website that trainees will need to log in to to view.  Please use your College ID and password to log in.  You can contact the CAI offices if you have midplaced this information.  The e-portfolio contains all personal information, details on rotations, details on competencies achieved and In-Training assessments.  It is also where you access the CAI logbook and Professional Competence Scheme System.