A message to all doctors this Christmas time -invite to webinar 7pm this evening

A message to all doctors this Christmas time
Zoom Meeting 15th December 2021 @ 7pm

This special event has been organised to recognise and support all doctors working in Ireland. This event is collectively organised by the Forum of Irish Postgraduate Medical Training Bodies, Practitioners Health Matters Programme, Irish Medical Council together with National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP).

A series of speakers will contribute to this event and all doctors are encouraged to join, what we hope will be an important moment in the circumstances we are working in.

Event Objectives
– acknowledge the work of the last 2 years in particular, under difficult circumstances
– reflect situation re: burden, capacity, projections, resources and the staffing
pressures and shortfalls, restate basic working environment safety and precautions
– express gratitude and acknowledgement for individual and collective leadership,
courage and commitment across all specialty sectors
– provide assurance of enduring professional solidarity and resourcefulness
– Emphasise the need for retaining core humane and professional values, collegial
commitment, civil interactions and connectedness.
– point to coping strategies and pitfalls to avoid the minimum of self-care
– point to the requirement for all to seek and avail of basic supports, signpost and
contact details and affirm sources of support
All queries can be directed to Website –
Twitter – @ForumPG


A message to all doctors this Christmas time Event