Specialist Anaesthesiology Training (SAT 1 and 2)

Specialist Anaesthesiology Training 1 and 2 (SAT 1 and 2)

General Principles

The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland Training Committee approves Basic Training which complies with the educational requirements of the College and is the Irish Medical Council approved Anaesthesia Training Programme.


The College approves training posts in suitable hospitals for a specific duration of time.  Currently approved posts are listed in the Hospital Accreditation Section of this website.  


Anaesthesia Training Programmes provide rotations of trainees between or within hospitals to provide an appropriate range of training and experience to meet the College’s requirements for SAT Years 1 and 2 of training.



Recruitment to anaesthesia training is through the CAI centralised appointment process only.


      Candidates wishing to pursue training in Anaesthesia are selected at national interviews organized by the CAI with faculty representation from all training hospitals.  Successful candidates indicate their preferred region for SAT years 1 & 2 and will be accommodated on the basis of performance during the selection process.

      • Trainees must maintain Specialist Trainee Registration with the Irish Medical Council

 •  Following interview and on the recommendation of the Training Committee Selection Panel, newly appointed trainees will receive formal letters of appointment to the CAI Anaesthesia Training Programme.

 • Newly appointed SATs will receive a copy of their provisional Hospital Rotations for the first two years of SAT training.  They should contact the Chairman of each Anaesthesia Department as early as possible before the start of their post to discuss and organise their training. 

 •   All newly appointed SATs must sign a training agreement with the CAI.

 • All SATs must accept and move through their rotations as allocated but the College may allow at its discretion a degree of flexibility where there are valid reasons for doing so. 

 • There will be no retrospection for anaesthesia experience done outside the SAT programme.


Regional Training Programmes in Anaesthesia

There are three regions for Basic Training.  The Western region comprises of: Galway University Hospitals, Mayo General Hospital and Sligo General Hospital.  The Southern region comprises of: Cork University Hospital, Mid Western Regional Hospital, Limerick, Mercy University Hospital and South Infirmary Hospital, Cork.   All other accredited training hospitals are in the eastern region. 

Each of these regions will have a College Regional Tutor appointed whose role it is to organise educational activities in that area.  The CAI will interview and appoint on a three yearly basis.  Each of the three College Tutors – will sit on the National Training Committee. 

SAT years 1-2 may indicate their preference at the application stage but the decision as to which region SAT years 1-2 go to lies with the CAI.  Within those regions all rotations are organised centrally by CAI.


Competency Assessment during  SAT year 1 – 2

Initial Competency Assessment: This Assessment is normally performed after three months of Basic Training. The Assessment reflects the skills which should normally be acquired by this stage and which are needed before undertaking the extra responsibility of on-call duties.  The College recommends that this Assessment is undertaken before a trainee can administer anaesthesia without immediate supervision.  


Details of the assessment are contained in Appendix 5 of the training regulations or at the end of this page. This document forms part of the electronic portfolio.



       Certificate of Completion of Specialist Anaesthesiology Training Year 2 (CCSAT2)

This reflects the skills which should be acquired during the first 2 years of training in Anaesthesia.  CCSAT2 is a requirement for progression to SAT year 3.  Trainees who fail to achieve CCSAT2 by the end of the first two years of training may be given up to 1 additional year in certain circumstances.  Trainees who fail to achieve CCSAT2 after three years must exit the programme.

Details of the CCSAT2 Assessment are in Appendix 6 of the training regulations or at the end of this page.  This document forms part of the electronic portfolio.


Requirements for progression to SAT year 3 of Anaesthesia Training

To progress from SAT year 2 to SAT year 3 of anaesthesia training, trainees must have acquired CCSAT2 . This requires them to:

·            Have completed SAT years 1-2 in CAI accredited programme

·            Have Satisfactory In-Training Assessments.

·            Have completed the Membership of the CAI

·            Have completed the electronic portfolio – please see electronic portfolio details below

·            Have a formal progression interview with the Dean’s Office.


Further details on SAT Year 1 and 2 training can be found in the training regulations which can be downloaded here