Orthopaedic anaesthesia is practiced by almost all anaesthetists. Some areas have become more specialist. Regional anaesthetic techniques have seen changes. Many patients have co-morbid conditions. Topics include awake shoulder surgery, analgesia for knee surgery, issues for spinal surgery including protection of the spinal cord, tips on using ultrasound effectively, as well as the pros and cons of general versus regional anaesthesia for orthopaedics. All the speakers are experts in their respective fields and have done original research. You will be updated on current trends in anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery. Learning objectives: 1. Management of patients with cardiac disease 2. Management of coagulation during surgery 3. Specialist airway management 4.

In accordance with the Standing Orders of the Council of the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland 3 vacancies arise on Council this year. All Fellows of the College, In Good Standing, of not less than three academic years duration on the date fixed for the election, are eligible for election to the Council. The Election to fill the vacancies thus occurring, will be conducted electronically with opening of balloting on Monday 15th March 2021 and closing of balloting on Friday 30th April 2021. If you wish to nominate a Fellow as a

Dear Colleagues, ISRA is delighted to announce the Update Day Webinar 2021 that they will take place on Friday 26th March 2021 from 9.30am. Lectures, debate and discussions dealing with cutting edge topics in regional anaesthesia with top national and international speakers. Speakers: Dr Simeon West, UK Prof. George Shorten, Ireland Dr Jaques T. Ya Deau, USA Dr More Womarans, UK Fees: ISRA Members: Free Non-Members: Consultants 50€ NCHD 25€ Registration: Poster can be viewed here [pdf] For more information please get in touch with us at Looking forward to meeting you! ISRA Team