Council Elections 2017   Dear Fellow,   In accordance with the Standing Orders of the Council of the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland three vacancies arise on Council this year.   All Fellows of the College, In Good Standing, of not less than three academic years duration on the date fixed for the election, are eligible for election to the Council.   The election to fill the vacancies thus occurring will be conducted electronically with close of electronic balloting on Friday 21st April 2017.  Please find below to

To improve identification of medical gas cylinders and bring them in line with European standards, the HPRA has approved changes to the colour coding of cylinders to reduce the risk of administering the wrong gas to the patient. In future, to distinguish medical gas cylinders from non-medical cylinders, the medical cylinder bodies will be white. The shoulder colours will not change, and these will identify theindividual gases. Cylinders will also carry the name of the medical gas in large letters on the cylinder body to help identification.