‘Rapid Sequence Induction’ – An Anaesthesiology Bootcamp

Dr Caoimhe Duffy and Dr Zeenat Nawoor-Quinn, SVUH & CAI immediate past simulation fellows, and A/Prof. Crina Burlacu, SVUH consultant anaesthesiologist and CAI Director of Simulation, are delighted to announce the publication of their paper with the title ‘Rapid Sequence Induction’ – An Anaesthesiology Bootcamp in the December online issue of the Irish Journal of Medical Science

The paper describes the development and launching in 2018 of an anaesthesiology bootcamp for beginners in anaesthesia in St. Vincent’s University Hospital Dublin. As a result of overwhelmingly positive feedback from the first group of trainees who took part in the bootcamp, the CAI Training and Quality and Safety Committees have recommended the roll out of the anaesthesiology bootcamp to other CAI training sites. In 2019, the Departments of Anaesthesiology at St. James’s University Hospital, Adelaide and Meath University Hospital, University Galway Hospital as well as Sligo and Letterkenny General Hospitals have successfully introduced the bootcamp into their on site training curriculum. We would like to acknowledge, commend and say a huge thank you to all those involved.