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Patient Information


The following information leaflets are for patients who are expecting to have an anaesthetic.  They offer some information about anaesthesia and suggest how and where you can find out more information.  It has been written by patients, patient representatives and anaesthetists, working in partnership.


The series includes the following:


Anaesthesia Explained

Anaesthetic choices for Hip and Knee Replacement

Epidurals for Pain Relief after Surgery

Headache after an Epidural or Spinal Anaesthetic

Local Anaesthesia for your Eye Operation

Risks and Probability

Risks in Perspective

You and Your Anaesthetic (a summary of Anaesthesia Explained)

Your Anaesthetic for Aortic Surgery

Your Child's General Anaesthetic for Dental Treatment

Your Child’s General Anaesthetic

Your Spinal Anaesthetic

Your Tonsillectomy as Day Surgery