(Mac Donnell Family Crest) JOHN MAC DONNELL AND THE FIRST ANAESTHETIC IN IRELAND.   The news that William Morton had successfully demonstrated the use of Ether as an anaesthetic in Boston on 16th October 1846 was not long in getting to Europe. Just over 2 months later Sir Robert Liston carried out an amputation under Ether at University College Hospital  London on Monday the  21st December 1846. The January edition (1847) of the journal, the “British and Foreign Medical Review “(1) carried an account of the Morton anaesthetic at the Massachusetts General

Job Description   Training Manager The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland exists to promote best practice in the fields of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine through training, examinations and educational programmes. As a recognised and approved Training Body by the Irish Medical Council, the College is responsible for setting training standards and for the organisation, supervision and counselling of doctors in training in Ireland.   The College wishes to appoint a Training Manager, reporting to the Training Officer to manage the day to day activities of the Training

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Awards and Distinctions   The College is attempting to compile a complete list of College medal winners. If you know of any previous recipients not listed please      

Governance   The Governance Structures of the College consist of a Council which has nineteen members, all Fellows of the College. Council meets six times per year to discuss matters pertinent to education and training. Council sets up a number of sub committees all of which report directly to Council and some of which meet more often than Council. Elections are held annually to Council.   Fellows wishing to be elected to Council must be three years post-Fellowship and in good standing with the College.