College Council 2019-2020

Officers 2019-2020

Dr Brian Kinirons


Professor Gerry Fitzpatrick


Dr Anne Hennessy

Honorary Secretary

Dr John O ‘Dea

Honorary Treasurer

Dr Brian O Brien

Chair, Training & Education Committee

Dr Rory Page

Hospital Accreditation

Dr Padraig Sheeran

Chair, National Clinical Programme of Anaesthesia & IMGTI Cultural Liason

Dr Niamh Hayes

Chair, Education Committee

Dr Ehtesham Khan

Chair, Credentials Committee

Dr Kevin Clarkson

Chair , Quality & Safety Advisory Committee 

Dr Calathur Nanda

Chair , Alumni Forum

Dr Miriam Langdon

Chair, Professional Competence Committee

Prof David Honan

Chair, Examinations Committee

Dr Michael Griffin


Prof George Shorten

Chair, ASM CAI Congress

Dr Len O ‘Hagan

Independent Non Executive Director

Mr Enda Brazel

Independent Non Executive Director

Co-opted Members

Dr Brendan Conroy

Dean, Faculty of Pain Medicine

Dr John Bates

Dean, Joint Faculty of Intensive Care 

Dr Camillus Power

Director of Training and Education

Dr Wouter Jonker

Convener Irish Standing Committee, Association of Anaesthetists

 Dr Bryan Reidy

 Chair, CAT Committee


 Mr Martin Mc Cormack 

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Margaret Jenkinson

 Chief Operations Officer