The College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland is delighted to announce that the forthcoming Gilmartin Lecture 2020 will be delivered by Dr Miriam Colleran, Consultant in Palliative Medicine. The Lecture will take place on Thursday 10th December 2020 at 6pm. The meeting will be held as a virtual meeting. Date: Thursday 10th December, 6pm - 8pm Venue: Zoom Conference Programme: 6pm Medal Ceremony 7pm Gilmartin Lecture titled ''Palliative Care in ICU in a time of change'' will be delivered by Miriam Colleran, Consultant in Palliative Medicine Please note the above programme is subject to change. Flyer can be viewed here Booklet can

Dear colleague, After a very successful webinar in September which was attended by over 250 people worldwide, UKMCS are now taking registrations for their 3rd webinar on Vascular disease in pregnancy. The event is on Thursday 19th November 2020, 18:30 – 20.00 (UK, GMT). Its free. For more information please see the attached flyer[pdf] To register please email with your name and details including your GMC or NMC number. Please indicate in your email if you wish to bring a case for discussion.

The pass-list of successful candidates is below: table, th, td, tr {border: 0 !important;} 101974 104706 105334 105552 106823 103851 104764 105335 105583 106893 103978 104875 105337 105726 107184 104241 104897 105339 105852 107189 104265 105013 105341 105966 107194 104362 105206 105342 106297 107220 104375 105295 105348 106411 107238 104413 105304 105350 106415 107242 104427 105305 105359 106448 104697 105325 105374 106485 Applications for the clinical component are open until Friday, 6 Nov, 2020.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the CAI Medical Essay Competition is Kaumal Mirza (Trinity College Dublin, Year 4). The runners up are Alexandr Sacha Lefebvre Magder (RCSI Final Year) and John Taaffe (RCSI Year 4) scored the third. To access and read the winning essays please click below: Kaumal Mirza - Essay [pdf] Alexandr Magdre - Essay [pdf] John Taaffe - Essay [pdf] The standard of submissions this year was extremely high and incredibly there were over 39 excellent essay submissions. We thank all candidates for their interest in Anaesthesiology

This year’s Global Health Symposium is being held on 23 October 2020. The theme of the meeting is 'Learning from COVID-19 – Improving Health for all Through Global Health Education' and the event will address key challenges facing workforce development and growth in low- and middle-income countries and how to incorporate sustainable solutions into medical training in Ireland. Programme [pdf] To register for the Webinar please click here: More information is available at