Pre-Hospital Care    On 18th September 2015 the Anaesthesia Training Agreement was adapted to allow SATs to participate in Pre-Hospital Care (PHC).  This is the end result of 3 years work on the part of the CAT committee and other interested parties.  The Working Group on Pre-Hospital Care was established in 2014 on recommendation of the Training Committee to investigate and prepare guidelines for trainees who were interested in participating in PHC.  Following a number of meetings of the Working Group, guidelines for PHC and suggested wording for

Exam Resources    Welcome to our exams section. Here we have compiled a number of resources trainees have found useful for the MCAI, FCAI and a number of optional exams that you may sit during training. We hope this helps a little with your initial preparation for exams!   MCAI   Books Pharamacology for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care - Peck, Hill **Essential** Basic Physics and Measurement - Kenny Essentials of Anaesthetic Equipment - Al-Shaikh **Essential** Respiratory Physiology - West The Objective Structured Clinical Examination in

LAT Network    Want to improve the welfare of your fellow trainees?   Looking to gain leadership skills?   If YES, then you are a potential LAT!    The main focus of CAT is to promote the welfare of anaesthesia trainees in Ireland, by representing trainee interests at a College level. To aid us in this effort, CAT established the Lead Anaesthetic Trainee (LAT) initiative in January 2015. It is modelled upon the Trainee Network Leads scheme utilized by the AAGBI’s GAT. We aim to have a LAT

Fellowship Network    What is it? The fellowship network is an online resource for anaesthesia trainess in their final years of training who are considering applyign for a specialty fellowship abroad following completion of formal training in Ireland.    Often the best people to talk to about a particular fellowship are those who have recently undertaken that fellowship themselves. They will be able to give advice on what to expect from working and living in a foreign city and what to expect to get out of a particular

Mentoring  Welcome to the mentoring section. This is an area being developed by the Committee of Anaesthetists in Training   The mentoring scheme is a new initiative to CAI, though mentoring is not a new concept. It has been widely used in industry, and has been shown to promote employee wellbeing, enthusiasm and productivity.   Lets get rid of a few misconceptions right away. Mentoring is an umbrella term and means a host of different things to different people. Mentoring IS NOT career advice Mentoring IS NOT crisis

 Dr Kevin Carson President CAI, Dr Patrick Doherty and Congress Speakers Dr Martina Healy, Dr Andrew Davidson Congress Speaker, Dr Kevin McCarthy     Congress Speakers Dr Leo Kevin, Prof PJ Devereaux and CAI Education Professional Development Committee Chairman Prof Donal Buggy     Dr Jeremy Smith (Congress Speaker), Dr Joe Lee, Dr John Cudmore, Dr Theresa O’Connor     Regional Anaesthesia Session Speakers Dr Colin McCarthney, Dr Rafa Blanco, Dr Harry Frizelle (Chairman) & Dr John McDonnell