Pre-Hospital Care

Pre-Hospital Care 


On 18th September 2015 the Anaesthesia Training Agreement was adapted to allow SATs to participate in Pre-Hospital Care (PHC).  This is the end result of 3 years work on the part of the CAT committee and other interested parties.  The Working Group on Pre-Hospital Care was established in 2014 on recommendation of the Training Committee to investigate and prepare guidelines for trainees who were interested in participating in PHC.  Following a number of meetings of the Working Group, guidelines for PHC and suggested wording for insertion into the Trainee Agreement were forwarded to the Training Committee and subsequently the College Council for final decision.  Thankfully, these changes have been ratified and will now be adopted by the College of Anaesthesiologists.


What does this mean for the trainee interested in PHC?


Simply put, those interested should:

– Be in SAT years 3-6.


– Should have completed one of the two approved courses;

1. SPORTs Course, (Faculty of Sports Medicine in RCSI)

2. WEMSI, Wilderness Emergency Medicine Physician Course.

This is in addition to current CFR/BLS and ACLS certification. 


– The trainee should have an agreed consultant trainer who will be available either in person or remotely to the trainee while involved in PHC.


– Indemnity is available through various clinical indemnity schemes and MPS have quoted trainees already on costs pertaining to PHC participation. 


– The trainee should apply to the Working Group stating their interest in PHC – they will then have their application reviewed by the group to determine suitability. 


There are still some finer details to work out in relation to trainee participation. Firstly, NCHD contracts have to be altered in accordance with guidance from the Medical Council – those intered should send a copy of their contract to the emaill address to allow us to work on getting those changes made. The Working Group will also be required to meet again prior to considereing trainee applications to tie up some loose ends. 


The full guidelines and adopted paragraph that were ratified by the college are available here and on the CAT Facebook page for viewing. Trainee participation in PHC is now on the horizon and approaching fast!


PHWGC Document