History Book: Safety As We Watch (2021)

I regard this discovery as one of the most important of this century. It will rank with vaccination, and other of the great benefits that medical science has bestowed on man.”

So wrote John McDonnell on administering the first ether anaesthetic in Ireland on 1 January 1847, when he successfully amputated the arm of the 18-year-old Mary Kane without her feeling any pain. Over the next 150 years, anaesthesia in Ireland was to evolve from an apprentice-based craft to become a highly technical specialty, integral not just to the operating theatre but also to a wide range of other medical settings.

This book, the first published history of this specialty in Ireland, describes the personalities, institutions and innovators who led the development of anaesthesia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, from 1847 up to the foundation of the College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland in 1998.

The three authors, Joseph Tracey, Declan Warde and John Cahill, are all retired anaesthetists, and their passion for their subject is evident in this comprehensive work. Coming 175 years after the first public demonstration of ether anaesthesia in Boston, USA, Safety As We Watch will be essential reading for all those with an interest in medical history.


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