Dear Member,

We are upgrading our online system to give you more access to your information.

To enable the changeover to the new system, we will be out of action from Tuesday 2nd August until Monday 15th August, 2022.

Please contact the college on 01 2650600 if you need assistance.


Membership Benefits

The purpose of the College of Anaesthesiologists is to promote high quality practice in the fields of anaesthesia, intensive care and pain medicine through its training, education and examination programmes. Membership fees are essential to maintain the financial viability of the College and allow it to maintain its comprehensive range of activities as required under the Medical Practitioners Act, 2007.

Value for Money

  • This year we are offering the following additional benefits to fellows who are in good standing:
  • Fees for courses: All fellows IGS will be entitled to a deduction of 30% of any course you wish to attend once you pre-register.
  • Annual Conference: 30% deduction once you pre-register.  We will not be able to offer this on the day.
  • Free access to meeting rooms in the College subject to availability.
  • A 5% reduction on the Annual Subscription fee for those who pay before the 31st March 2018.

For the Specialty

The College exists to promote high quality practice in the fields of Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, and Pain Medicine through its training, education and examination programmes. Maintenance of such standards is essential for our patients and for the professionalism of our specialty.

For You

  • Work within that professional context sustained by the College
  • The hospital inspections programme helps ensure your working environment is at the standard required for your safe practice. The College have developed a new online system which will ease the process for those who have to complete the documentation required for accreditation.
  • Access to the PCS programme and on-line PCS log
  • Access to professional support and advice
  • Eligibility to vote at Council elections to ensure you influence who represents you
  • Eligibility to stand for Council election
  • Eligibility to vote at AGM
  • On-going developments of electronic journal access and module-based teaching programmes

Subscription Rates and Payment Methods

    • Annual Subscription €430 or €410.00 if paid before 31st March 2018.
    • UK Fellows who hold dual membership €355.00 Proof will be required to avail of this discount.
    • Not currently practising €125
    • Practising outside the EU €125
    • The College will waive the annual subscription for fellows who have retired from clinical practice.
    • The College will waiver the annual subscription for fellows who are working in research positions.
    • The College will waive the annual subscription for anaesthetists who are working in charitable institutions overseas.

    1)   Direct debit: Please check your invoice it will state that no further action is required if you have a direct debit in place.   

    2)  Credit card: Please supply all the following details through our website follow instructions on invoice, post, phone, fax or email.

To ensure that you remain in good standing please forward payment as soon as possible. Please contact Nathalie Brennan at