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CPD - SS 2017/2018 (formerly PDP)


The CAI Continuous Professional Development-Support Scheme (CPD-SS) is designed to promote self-directed and practice-based learning activities in line with the requirements of the professional competence schemes to be launched in 2011.  The programme aims to promote educational or professional activities directed towards developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and personal effectiveness necessary for participant NCHDs and provides NCHDs with the means by which they can maintain and develop their professional competence in line with the Professional Competence Scheme’s requirements and domains of good professional practice. It will also encourage participants to plan, record and reflect on professional development needs.



Domains of Professional Practice


The Medical Council’s eight Domains of Good Professional Practice set out the principles on which good practice is founded. These principles together describe medical professionalism in action. Doctors must use their judgement to apply these principles to reflect on their practice and to identify areas of practice where they aim to stay up-to-date in their current posts and develop in the areas they wish to progress.  Therefore, NCHDs registered on this programme will be expected to pursue their professional development in line with their job plans and professional aspirations.


Within the CPD-SS, NCHDs will be best placed to choose the activities that reflect their educational needs and will be expected to make a judgement on the value of a particular activity.  They will also be expected to map their activities against the relevant domain(s) of Good Professional Practice and ensure that the activities undertaken during the course of a five year cycle encompass all eight domains.




What is the Continuous Professional Development-Support Scheme (CPD-SS)?

The CPD-SS is a programme specifically designed for NCHDs who are not enrolled on a recognised post-graduate training programme. Doctors enrolled on the CDP-SS are entitled to attend training events and activities organised and approved by the College at no cost to themselves. The aim of the programme is to support NCHDs to meet their requirements under the Professional Competence Scheme.


How does it differ from the Professional Competence Scheme (PCS)?

All doctors on the Supervised, General or Specialist Division of the Register held by the Irish Medical Council are required by law to be enrolled with a Professional Competence Scheme. The PCS has a requirement of a minimum of 20 external credits per year. The CPD-SS is specifically designed to assist doctors in meeting these external credit requirements. There is no legal requirement to be enrolled with the CPD-SS.


Why should I register for CPD-SS?

The HSE makes available an allocation of 20 CPD points for each doctor who registers with the programme. The CPD points can be used to attend several College events throughout the year at no cost to the doctor. The College organises these events specifically with NCHDs in mind and as such they are designed to meet your training needs. It enables doctors to meet their legal obligations under the Professional Competence Scheme while also minimising associated costs.


Who is eligible to register?

To be eligible to enrol you must meet all 5 of the below criteria

·         -You must be enrolled with the College for PCS

·         -You must hold the NCHD Contract 2010

·         -You must work within the public health service

·         -You must not be enrolled on either an Intern training scheme or a Specialist training scheme

·         -You must be registered on either the Supervised or General Division of the Register as held by the Irish Medical Council


What courses are available to me on the CPD-SS?

We offer a wide variety of courses throughout the year, details of which are available on our website. Examples include:

·        - Irish Congress of Anaesthesia

·        - Advanced Airways Management

·        - Basic Assessment and Support in Intensive Care

·        - Advanced Vascular Access


Do I have to register separately for CPD-SS?

Yes. Registration is not automatic and there is a separate application process. You must however be registered with the College for PCS first before you can apply for CPD-SS.


Are there any fees associated with CPD-SS?

No, there are no fees payable by you in relation to CPD-SS. You must however, have paid your annual PCS fee in order to register. 


How do I register?

Registration must be completed online. This year there is no application form. Simply email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with the subject ‘Registration for CPD-SS 2018/19’. Your email must include the following information

·         -Your full name and date of birth

·         -Your CAI College ID

·         -Your Medical Council Registration Number

·         -Your current work location and job title.


When can I apply?

Applications open on the 9th July 2018.   


Where can I get more information?


We have attached an information document prepared by the HSE which includes an overview of the programme and FAQs. Should you have any further queries please contact Ms Rebeca Williams, CPD-SS Administrator at the College on 01-2650624 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.