The Annual Congress of Anaesthesiology 2022 – Eposter Presentations

The college are delighted to showcase  a selection of Eposters as part of our Annual Congress 2022. We would like to thank all of those  who submitted for their hard work and dedication to making this year’s event possible.

Owais Mushtaq Shah

Procalcitonin as biomarker and risk stratification tool in COVID 19 patients

Annlin Philip

EVD Insertion in suspected COVID associated cerebellitis – a pressing matter

Stephen Moyles

NFR Needs further review – An audit of the current practice determining resuscitation status amomng Critical care patients in UHW

Patrick Walsh

The Argument for advanced emergency training amoung non emergency staff

Oisin Friel

Learning points from a case of Myathenic Crisis

Stephen Moyles

An Unusal cause of severe Rhabdomyolysis – Polypharmacy serotonin syndrome

Zafar Ullah Kahn

Case Report

Roisin McCarthy

Pharmacobezoar – Looking beyond the Chect X-Ray

Muhammed Arslan

Covid 19 can cause large Intracranial Hemorrhag

Ankita Miglani

Multidisciplinary care for optimisation of management of Obstetric patient with Idiopathic Sublottic Stenosis

Wael Hassan

Audit Of Knowledge and practice of TIVA among anaesthethic NCHD’s at at tertiary obstetric hospital

Zhi Hao Chua

Sphenopalatine ganglion and great occipital nerve blocks as treatment options of an atypical PDPH after labour epidural in obese patient

Maria Boylan

Refactory Uterine Atony: Currarino Syndrome – Anaesthetic Management of Post Partum Haemorrhage

Shruthi R

Anesthesia for Apert Syndrome: A Cocktail of Captivating Challenges – A Case Report

Sandeep Miglani

The role of 8% Capsaicin Patch in Management of all symptoms of extensive severe Post Herpetic Neuralgia (Pain, Hyperalgesia, Allodynia): A Case Report

Raafay Mehmood

Anaesthetic Management during a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in a patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Almos Nemeth

Audit on Postoperative Delirium in Orthopaedic Patients

Maria Boylan

Silver trauma at Mayo University Hospital

Shane Power

Anaesthetic Management of Urgent Transsphenoidal Resection of Pituitary Macroadenoma in an Acromegalic Patient Complicated by Ischaemic Cardiomyopathy and Predicted Difficult Airway

Mahesh M Chandrashekaraiah

Geriatric Patients Hip Surgery: A Three-year retrospective analysis of perioperative management in a tertiary care center

Fiachra Morris

Audit of administration, monitoring and reversal of neuromuscular blockade with non-deplolarising agents

Muhammed Arslan

Anaesthic Implication in TPM2 Myopathy

Rory McGuiness

Anaesthesia and Chorea: A case report of safe general anaesthesia in a patient with Huntingtom Disease

Krishna Reddy

Case of Adrenal insufficiency​

Shane Kelly

An Audit of Patient satisfaction after regional anaesthesia in a tertiary care centre

Shaista Sulaeman

Persistent Hypothermia post intrathecal morphine, diagnosis and management

Naomi Quigley

Spot The Difference: Case Presentation

See len Wong

Dexmedetomidine in the managemen of awake fiberoptic intubation

Ian McBride

An unsual cause of a cuff leak during a Bimaxillary Osteotomy

Emma May Lyons

Case Report Iatrogenic Cervical Oesophageal Perforation Causing Posterior Tracheal Compression and Displacement Requiring Emergency Front of Neck Access.

Tawassol Mohammed

Endotracheal tube cuff failure following an Awake Fibreoptic Intubation for Unstable Cervical Spine Surgery

Chun Pong Cheuk

Dexmedetomidine Sedation in borderline high risk anterior mediastinotomy of a 19-year old patient with suspected lymphoma

Marc Lincoln

Collaboration, Supervision and Patient Safety in the era of COVID 19: An Analysis of Medical wards and ICU